Arago Energises Insulated Cross-arms at 400kV

The Arago team, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Ltd. (SHETL), National Grid and NorPower have successfully installed and energized, since May ’12, two Arago High Voltage Insulated Cross-arms at a coastal test facility in the Scottish Highlands.

Installation of the first Insulated Cross-arms, manufactured using mass production processes represents a significant technical advance in the technology.  Arago’s Insulated Cross-arms have been energised since May ’12 and will remain energised and heavily monitored, acting as part of an on-going test programme to validate the design and manufacture of the technology.

UMIP & Arago Commercial Manager Dr. Frank Allison said “The installation and continued testing is a landmark event for Arago and its partners and vindicates many hours of hard work and dedication by all members of the team.  Since energisation, early results are very positive suggesting the design of the test facility is reliable and the Composite Cross Arms are performing as expected.”

Arago would like to thank the continued support of SHETL and National Grid.


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