About Arago Technology

Arago Technology was incorporated in early 2010 following several years of joint research and development by EPL Composites Solutions and a team from the National Grid High Voltage Labs at the University of Manchester. 

Arago Technology is responsible for promoting its novel and patented Composite Technology to the Electricity and Power Industry through its consultancy services, licensing activities and bespoke design solutions. Read More


During 2007, a team from EPL Composite Solutions Ltd. (EPL) began working with Prof. Ian Cotton and Prof. Simon Rowland from the National Grid High Voltage Labs at the University of Manchester.

By combining their skills, they created a team capable of developing an enabling technology to up-rate existing infrastructure without the need to replace the pylon towers or, where new overhead line circuits were required, the technology would enable smaller pylon towers to be utilised.  Read More

Team Profiles

Arago has attracted a core team with outstanding experience and skills in Electric and Electronic Engineering, composite manufacturing and design.

Arago Technology’s management team have the managerial and technical experience to continue the company’s move to production and commercialisation. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Arago TechnologyRead More


Arago Technology has developed its technology in conjunction with two specialist and highly skilled Partners, EPL Composite Solutions and the University of Manchester.

You can read and learn more about our partners below. If you would like further information about Arago Technology or our partners, please do not hesitate to contact us here. Read More